3 Most Common Pickleball Partner Mistakes Holding You Back
By: Tony Roig | November 21, 2023 |

3 Most Common Pickleball Partner Mistakes Holding You Back

Pickleball partner play. You 100% need it to play doubles pickleball. And the better it is, the better your chances of winning.

In this pickleball video we cover 3 common partner mistakes players make out on the pickleball court. These happen all the time.

The mistake from one partner infects the other partner or results in a situation that is less than optimal for our play.

No. 1 mistake is where you have one player up and one player somewhere back. What you’re doing by that is you’re playing as two individuals, not as a cohesive unit. The gap between the players opens you up to a lot of different sorts of attacks by your opponents, and they’re just able to pick you apart.

Watch the full video as we demonstrate how you can avoid this mistake and also the other two most common partner mistakes that we see out there.

Play in better sync with your partner and you will have the best chance for success.

0:00 Introduction to the 3 most common partner mistakes

1:25 Partner Mistake No. 1: One up, one back – lots of errors here

4:36 BONUS Tip: My partner is staying back – what now?

6:13 Partner Mistake No. 2: The Slide Over – improve your lob coverage

8:08 Partner Mistake No. 3: The Blame Game – don’t play this one

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