Hosted by: Tony Roig | June 29, 2024 |

#198- Get that Advice Outta Here – how to deal with unsolicited pickleball tips

We all get advice – YouTube, friendly local player, partner. What do we do with it?

Step 1: Remember that you have agency over your pickleball journey. This means that you get to decide whether to take the tip or say “get that outta here” (note – you can say it in your mind).

Here’s the thing: 45% of the advice you hear out there is plain wrong. And 54% of the advice may be right in the general sense of the term, but it is not right for you at this stage (wrong for a different reason). That leaves 1% of the advice being right and, importantly, right for you.

How do you know where a particular piece of advice falls: the wrong, the not right now, or the 1% that is just what I need?

To quote Shakespeare, “therein lies the rub.” It is figuring out both what is correct and also what it is that will most benefit you right now. Or at least staying away from what will be detrimental to your game.

If you are not yet sure how to decide, you will want to identify a mentor.

This is a person with more knowledge who can help you navigate the sea of information out there. If you do not have such a mentor, CJ and I are happy to help.

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Once you develop a deeper understanding of the game, including its framework, you will be in a position to make your own decisions about what advice stays and what advice can get outta here.

Thank you for the shoutout on YouTube Alan

Tony I have been listening to your pickleball therapy shows from the beginning. I know without a doubt that I am a better player because of your podcasts but more importantly a better person. Your presentations can be a benefit not only in pickleball but in life in general. Keep it up and thank you for your time you invest to create these podcasts.

If you like a video format better, check out the YouTube video of this episode here: Get that Advice Outta Here – how to deal with unsolicited pickleball tips- Episode 198

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