Hosted by: Tony Roig | August 11, 2023 |

#152- The Partner Play Episode PLUS the ALW Incident

Playing with a partner is a two-way street, a team sport and our behavior impact our partners’ play and vice versa.

That team/partner dynamic is so important to your ability to succeed as a doubles team. We’re going to feed off of our partner both positively and negatively.

So let’s be self-reflective for a second. Were there times when you behaved in a way that you didn’t mean anything by it? You didn’t want to hurt your partner or being more pragmatic about it, harm your team’s chances for success? But perhaps you did something that was less than optimal?

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about partner play, how to frame it a little bit differently than you’re thinking, and also some tips on how you can become a much better partner out there.

Pick the tip that most resonates with you.


00:00- Framing Partner Play in Pickleball

04:50- How to be a Better Pickleball Partner: Tips from The Pickleball Guy and CJ

09:19- How to Be a Better Pickleball Partner: Turning Toward the Middle, Eye Contact, and Cheerleading

13:24- Dealing with Perspective: Lessons Learned from a 16-Year-Old Player’s Meltdown

In the riff, I want to talk about the recent situation that occurred with Annaly Waters.

She is a young but very talented player, during a tournament; what happened, how folks have reacted to it, and what we we as Pickleball players can take away from it.

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