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#146- Our BEST Episode – You Be the Judge. Your Journey PLUS Lots More

How can you improve your mental fortitude, mental awareness and perspective when you’re playing this awesome sport, Pickleball?

We all come to the sport with a different set of variables.  One of the things that is really important for us to keep in mind and for you to understand as a player is that everybody’s journey in this sport is different and we experience the sport differently.

How do we customize the journey best for ourselves?

How much time, energy and focus are you prepared to and can give to your improvement? If you have a lot, then you’re going to improve faster than if you don’t.

Your journey is not going to be the same as your friend’s journey or as the same as the other player at your court’s journey.

I’ll also talk about how to approach new group of players in an area and then I’m going to give you an update about the pickleball therapist idea.


00:00 – A Customized Pickleball Journey to Improve Mental Awareness and Performance

04:28 – How to Customize Your Pickleball Journey for Success

08:57 – Customizing Your Pickleball Experience with The Pickleball System

13:21 – Joining a Pickleball Group: Tips for Feeling Confident & Assertive

17:40 – Becoming a Pickleball therapist

21:55 – Agency and the Outcome of Pickleball: Benefits of the Soft Game Workshop and Taking Positive Steps

30:46 – Gaining Agency Over Yourself And Your Pickleball Experience

And then in the RIFF, I’m going to talk about agency based on a video we did on outballs.

We like agency on everything, as we mentioned earlier with the journey and everything like that.

Agency applies to everything you’re doing. What shot did you just hit? That was your decision. Where are you standing on the court? Your decision.

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