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#140- Improve Your Stress Resistance

There are two sides to playing pickleball: you resist stress and you impart stress.

The better you are able to resist stress, the less likely you will be to make an error when you play – the less likely to miss a shot. You become “the wall” out there, resisting everything thrown your way.
For example, me or my partner hit a third shot that’s a little bit high, a little bit deep, and is getting smashed. So I’m getting ready to defend that shot. How well am I able to resist that pressure coming back at me?
One way that you can withstand stress better is to take the net out of play. When you start thinking about your game, think about areas of your game that put you in a bad spot. Let those go out of bounds.
Chances are you will win more rallies simply because you are missing less shots. Once you improve your stress resistance, you will feel much more confident and comfortable out there. And then you can switch your focus to imparting stress: the subject of next week’s podcast.
This week’s episode we dive into the stress resistance side of things.

00:00: Resisting Stress in Pickleball: How to Evaluate Your Play

04:37: Increasing Your Ability to Withstand Pressure

09:17:  Principles and Strategies for Success

14:13: In the Riff- Dealing with the Tennis Players

In the riff, I share with you some ideas on how to deal with the tennis players out there who are upset about pickleball players playing on “their” courts.

Some perspective so that if you get into a situation with a tennis player, you have some ammo that you have available to you to have a constructive conversation with them without getting into a heated argument over what shouldn’t have been a heated argument.

Make sure to Scroll Down for Bonus Tips to relieve your stress

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Tips to Relieve Stress

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