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#128- Give Yourself Permission to be Good

This episode discusses ideas on how to reframe feelings of guilt or shame after having success on the court.

Do you only have a one-way valve that only allows negative information to come in when you screw up or mess up?  We’re here to help you with that concept about allowing yourself the two-way street- on the good and the bad.

I guarantee that when you make that mistake, miss that shot, you let yourself know how you messed up, sometimes even being hard on yourself about it.

Why not allow the positive information into your system and work on your empathy muscles?

It can sometimes be difficult for players to accept success, but here’s the thing, be evenhanded about it.

Listen to this episode to get a better idea of how to take the same energy that you use when you mess up and apply it after you play a good game or hit that good shot.

It’s only fair, right?


00:00- Giving yourself permission to feel good in Pickleball

04:00 – The Importance of a Two Way Street

08:00 – Understanding the Framework of Pickleball-We All Play the Same Game-Pro’s Included

In the riff I talk to you about how we all play the same game as the pros (including me as a Senior Pro player).

I was reviewing some footage from a match that played a few months ago at Lake Nona in Orlando. It’s a PPA tournament and it was the finals match. I was specifically looking at returns of serve. As a senior pro player, you know what’s a super important shot in my game? My return of serve.

Pickleball players sometimes think that a return of serve is something that’s reserved for the new players or something like that.

The same shots that are important to your game are important to our game since we’re playing the exact same game.

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