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THE Pickleball System

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Everything You Need To Improve Your Game And Confidently Reach Your Playing Potential

The Pickleball System gives you the framework, tools, and a clearly PERSONALIZED Success Path to become the player YOU want to be.

Everyone's pickleball journey is different. Stop wasting time and get clear on YOUR path to reach your goals. We fill in the blanks so you know exactly what you've been missing.

Mechanical Pillar

You'll learn the THREE Components for every stroke so you can minimize unforced errors and consistently hit the ball where you want it to go. No more guesswork.

Strategic Pillar

Knowing how to hit the ball is one thing, but you also need to know what shot to hit when. We’ll teach you how to construct points and solve the puzzles you see on the court.

Athletic Pillar

You know how to hit a shot and where it needs to go, but after three games, you're gassed and unable to focus. We'll show you how to think more clearly and play your best. 


Pickleball content from CJ and Tony

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The Ball-Feeding Camp, the Entertainment Camp, and the Learning Camp: Finding the Type of Pickleball Camp that will meet your goals For most pickleball players, attending a camp is a big step in their journey. How do you pick the type of pickleball camp that is right for you? In a previous article we covered...
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What is Project 4.0 – an Introduction It is common for players to wonder just what it takes to play well-rounded pickleball. Generally speaking, a 4.0-level of pickleball is what we would call a well-rounded, effective pickleball game. In this article we will explore what it means to play 4.0 pickleball at any age and...
Pickleball Summit
Pickleball Summit 2024: Elevating the Game with Selkirk Sport
The pickleball community is preparing for an exciting online gathering: the 2024 Pickleball Summit, proudly sponsored by Selkirk Sport. This year’s Summit will take place July 14-16, 2024. Hosts CJ Johnson and Tony Roig of Better Pickleball are thrilled to see Selkirk return as the title sponsor, reinforcing the company’s dedication to the growth of...

Pickleball Therapy Podcast

Pickleball driving you mad? Get some therapy with your licensed pickleball professional. Share the podcast. Bet your friends could use some therapy too

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Choose Your Path To Better Pickleball

Mechanical Pillar

You want to know the “hows” of pickleball. How to serve. How to move on the court. How to hit a volley. We call this The Mechanical Pillar™.

Consistently hit your shots

How to consistently hit your shots where you want and with fewer errors, including the serve, return of serve, volleys, dinks, and third shot drop.

How to be ready

How to be ready - optimally so that you can respond effectively to every shot coming your way.

How to improve your movement

How to improve your movement, making it easier for you to get to each shot with faster footwork

Choose Your Path To Better Pickleball

Strategic Pillar

You want to know the “when” and “whys” of pickleball. Is this the right time for a punch volley? Would a drop or drive work better here? We call this The Strategic Pillar™.

How to know the right shot to hit

How to know the right shot to hit allowing you to play to your strengths and take advantage of your opponent’s weakness.

How to choose the best strategy

How to choose the best strategy when you’re playing on the return side as well as when you’re playing on the serve side. They’re different!

How to “see” the game

How to “see” the game and make decisions in real-time. It is a lot more fun playing pickleball like this! 😃

Choose Your Path To Better Pickleball

Athletic Pillar

To achieve lasting success you want to become a complete athlete. That includes advanced strategies, stretching, balance, and the mental side. We call this The Athletic Pillar™.

Get the most out of your body

How to get the most out of your body to play your best and avoid injuries, including balance, flexibility, and more.

How to keep your focus

How to keep your focus on the court, reducing the anxiety and overwhelm that naturally happens when we play.

Enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with Pickleball

How to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with the sport you love – as well as your life in general – with an improved body-mind connection.


Free Guides For Learning Pickleball

Our exclusive collection of Free Pickleball Guides are packed with expert tips, strategic insights, and actionable advice. Whether you're just starting your pickleball journey or looking to elevate your game to the next level, these free resources provide the essential tools you need to jump-start your improvement.

Meet the Better Pickleball Coaches

There's no need to trust your game to a stranger. Plus...You Already KNOW and Trust Your Coaches


CJ Johnson

Hey, pickleball friends. CJ here. Playing your best pickleball goes beyond mastering efficient strokes. It requires a holistic approach that involves both the mind and body. Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same. I'm committed to helping students see their potential and to do everything I can to help them realize their untapped capabilities. In 2016 I started the Better Pickleball Channel. In addition to my pickleball expertise, I have logged many years of experience in helping enhance the performance of athletes across multiple sports. With my background as a PGA Golf Pro, PSIA Ski Instructor, and ISSA Personal Trainer, I help pickleball players achieve their best performance on and off the court. My years as an athlete and coach have given me a keen eye for discerning what can help you improve the most. My passion is to stand at your side as you continue to discover and grow in this amazing sport.

Tony Roig

Hello there. As an unabashed pickleball superfan myself, I look forward to sharing this awesome pickleball journey with you. Not only has pickleball changed my life as I've evolved into a Senior Pro Player, but I've also seen it radically enhance the lives of thousands of players. This is what keeps me doing what we do...helping pickleball players all over strengthen their relationship to this amazing sport. I've been called a master strategist and impactful pickleball content creator. And, yes, I've produced numerous videos for the In2Pickle YouTube channel, am host of the one-of-a-kind Pickleball Therapy podcast, and I even wrote a book, "Play Pickleball". But what most allows me to stand before you as your pickleball Coach comes as a result of my earning the highest pickleball coaching certification available...a Master Teaching Professional from the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association).

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